Heartfire's Who's Your Daddy
aka "Toby"

AKC & ASCA Registered
dob: 02/03/10

Well Toby did it!  He got his CHIC Number!
With my crazy life it took forever to get everything done.
He passed everything I tested him for.
You can scroll to the bottom of the page to see 
the actual test results.

Hearfire's Whos Your Daddy



Toby was tested for both the HSF-4 (Hereditary Cataracts) and MDR1 and was negative for both tests!

Eye certs are to be done annually.  Toby will have his eyes evaluated again soon.

DNA ASCA DNA- VP designation 

Toby tied for first place for the final test.  He and the Border Collie were awesome!

Toby's Pedigree

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