CMA's Ruby Tiara

(Red Merle - Born 12/30/2008)
Clear CERF 08/01/11

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Tiara is the sweetest Aussie.
 She LOVES people and will roll over and
 ask you to  scratch her belly after just a few minutes of meeting you.
  She is also very athletic and hard to keep out of the water.

CMA Ruby Tiara

A few pictures of CMA Ruby Tiara around our farm.  We have a small pond on our 20 acres and Tiara loves to swim during our hot summer days.
CMA Ruby Tiara
CMA Ruby Tiara

australian shepherds


australian shepherds

CMA Ruby Tiara CMA Ruby Tiara

When Tiara was born, I was soooo excited to get another gorgeous Red Merle little girl.  Her two siblings were the most striking Blue Merles I ever had also.  I so wanted to keep them all. 

 It's sometimes very hard to give up your puppies!!

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