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Hi Christine,
Just a quick note to let you know Jasper weathered the long trip home pretty well considering he was new to a crate and cars.  Boy, does he have a set of lungs on him!  You may have heard him barking up a storm when we drove off with him Friday (Deafening...and yes, I used ear plugs...Ha!).  He really did beautifully with the new environment at Sally's (and her husband, Bruce) house.  They have two Border Collie mixes who were very gentle with Jasper.  I bought one of those fake grass potty pet trainer and put it out on the back side of the house where we were all sitting/visiting.  I showed it to him and told him that's where he can pee (he didn't really want to pee on the dirt or any other place I took him (and he probably just didn't have to go).  He was shown the water dishes outside and visited them several times.  Then, he just walked over (about 25' away) to where the fake grass pee trainer was and took a whiz right on it!  We all were amazed!  (yeah, it was probably treated with something to help encourage the pee thing, but I thought he was "Einstein Puppy"!!!  And so did everybody else!  Ha, ha!).  He didn't have any accidents in the bedroom that night because I took that grass potty thing in the room & he used it to pee AND poop very successfully (smart puppy!).  He didn't throw up at all the whole time he was in the crate, but each time I'd stop for gas, Jasper would wind up again with the barking and howling.  Once we got going again, he'd settle down nicely.  I stopped three times during the trip to give him pee and poop breaks and he did very well.  Jasper is aclimating himself to his new environment and he's doing very well.  I can tell he's looking for his siblings and would like to play with the cats, but we are needing to ease into that!  Luna (my female cat) is doing great with him, but Friday was initially terrified of "the unknown fluffy creature".  I am having to monitor that, but Friday is doing much, much better after the first day.  Will talk more soon...just wanted to let you know we're home and Jasper is doing very well so far.  Thank you for everything...Jasper is amazing!
Marilyn :)

Hi Chris -

 I just wanted to let you know how much fun I'm having with my new family! I am the king of the castle here and have these humans catering to my every desire. I've discovered the vents on the floor give out lots of cool air, so that's been a favorite spot to hang out this summer with all my toys. I get to go to work with my new Mommy and the other humans there love to play with me too. In fact, every where I go, nice humans are coming up to meet me and give me hugs and kisses! The car rides are getting better... it was sort of scary at first, but I'm getting used to it more and more every day. I'm almost house trained, but sometimes the humans aren't paying 100% attention to me (how dare they!!), and well... you know. I will send you more pictures soon because I'm getting bigger and bigger by the hour! Maybe I can come visit someday and see you and my mom & dad. I'll bet you won't recognize me!!! Well, gotta go home now and get dinner! 

Love, Becker

The puppy (Coda) is such a good dog who follows me around without question. People are amazed that a puppy so young didn't need a leash and to this day I have no use for it except in high traffic areas. The first night we had Coda in a crate he did really well and is progressing to be completely potty trained within another couple weeks at the most. I knew these dogs were smart but Coda at 10 weeks is already playing fetch and is learning daily by leaps and bounds. I planned on taking him to obedience school (more for me) but at the rate were going I doubt we'll need to go. Coda exhibits so much loyalty towards me at such a young age I cant imagine what his personality will grow up to be over the years.

I'll attach the latest pictures we have of him...

p.s. Im not even going to get into the numerous amounts of praise over how cute he is and his markings.

Thanks again,


Hi Chris! 

Just wanted to let you know how well Dex is doing. He was 15 lbs at his 9 week check up!!! He actually was 9.5 lbs at his first checkup, the week we got him... You weren't kidding about how he liked to eat his kibble!! he is very social and loves the kids. he is doing well on his leash and exploring the back yard daily. He is just a love!!! A wonderful addition to our family! Everyone at our vets office that has seen him have just fallen in love with him! Anyway wanted to give you an update. Hope all is well with you guys!



Dear Chris:

Just wanted to THANK YOU for my great puppy.  She is simply awesome and is
definitely the ranch dog already!    She has learned to go up and down the
stairs on the round corral, get down and lay in the shade when I have been
in there too long and it is too hot; roll in the water in the field where we
are irrigating; climb in the water barrel by the lane to cool off; and make
herself loved by not only Lew and I but everyone coming to the ranch.

As you  can see by the "subject", I have named her C J (for Cracker Jack of
course!) and she is too.  She and Button get along great.  Button is so
tickled to have a buddy to run and play with again.  Especially since she
(Button) can be the boss!

C J jumped on the bed the other day - which is no easy thing.  I was
surprised that a puppy could jump all the way up there.  We have an airbed
and it is about 2 1/2 feet (or maybe 3) off the ground.  She had no problem
at all and wanted me to know it 'cause when I pushed her down, she jumped
right back up again!

C J is learning that you can't bark at the horses heels when someone is
riding.  She was a bit disappointed about that!  This morning she was
redeemed however because I had someone looking at the yearlings and we
needed to have the filly move and C J was more than willing to help out!

She does not get very far from one of us.  In fact the day after Lew brought
her home when he went out to work she had a fit and whined and cried and let
me know he had left without her!  How rude!  She has decided it is ok now
because I'm still home and she gets to go out and do new fun things.  Like
ride in the golf cart, play with Button or have the kids pet and make over
her.  She hasn't made a peep otherwise - whether we have taken her in the
truck, left her in the house or whatever.  C J is practically perfect!

Well, have to get going and get to work.  Just wanted you to know how
tickled I am with my birthday present and thank you so much for bring her
down.  We just love her.

Love,  Jeanee

Dear Chris,

We re-named her "Mia which means "my own" in Spanish.  We all
just love her!  She gets along with our two cats, chickens, and 
horses.  She is very smart, just like you said.  We taught her to sit,
shake hands, sit up for food, and lay down in just the first couple of
weeks.  We've had a few problems with her chewing up shoes and 
her house training, but she willingly sleeps in a crate at night and 
that pretty much took care of the problems.  As long as we are
consistent with her feeding schedule she does just fine during the
day, too.

I can't tell you how much we all love her...her temperament and
personality fit our lifestyle perfectly!  She's happy to go with us
anywhere and is content to stay by our side or sit at our feet.  Last
weekend she went with us to a three-day gymkhana event and she
was so fun to watch run in hte open field.  She's still a little timid in 
new surroundings, but with a little encouragement, she usually 
figures out that there's nothing to be afraid of.  (And everywhere we
go, people ask about her and comment on how sweet she is.)

Thank you again.  Although we've had several dogs before, none
have "connected" with us the way Mia has.  I can't imagine not 
having her in our family.

Thank, again!
Debra, Natalee, & Jared

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