Puppy Care

If you are wanting to get an Aussie from CMA Aussies,
this page is where to begin.
With it, I will be trying to help you keep
your Aussie puppy healthy and happy.
A happy puppy makes a happy owner!

** Food **

Selecting the best food for your puppy can be a challenge.
Deciphering what the food manufacturer wants you to believe
and what truly is, can get a little frustrating.

There are many good foods out there.  Diamond, Blue Buffalo & Taste of the Wild
are some foods I like.  You need to learn how to read food ingredients,
and know what to stay away from.  You have to be realistic in what you can afford
and where you will be buying your dog food.  I buy at the feed store nearby
so I am limited to my selection.  But I like it being close by, and I have a relationship
with that store if I need them to order me something special.

Below are some links to websites that will help you know what is in your dog's food:

Consumer search - Dog food

Dog food advisor

Pets WebMD guide to best dog food

The below website has a list of dog foods and then you can looks at all the ingredients without
having to go to a lot of manufacturer websites.

Dog food analysis

Below are a couple websites that talk about making
homemade dog food.

Homemade dog food

Pets WebMD guide to Homemade Dog Food

Below is a MUST WATCH slide show.  I guarantee you will learn something.
Did you know that feeding raw eggs, besides possibly giving your dog Salmonella or E.coli,
can also cause a poor coat and skin allergies?   There is so much
good information, please don't even ask to buy a pup from me if you
haven't watched this.

Pets WebMD Slideshow of food your dog should NEVER eat

And anonther MUST is to sign up for dog food recall alerts.
 They are amazing at sending emails out as soon as they know of a recall. 
And once the puppy chew bones I "just" bought for the puppies had been recalled. 
Thank goodness I recieved the emails about them.

Sign up for recall alerts via email!!

** Dental **

Gentle Dental Care suggested to us by Megan!

** Dewormers **

coming soon

** Vaccinations **

coming soon




Please email us for first contact.  When I had my
phone number listed my voicemail would fill up
so fast people wouldn't be able to leave messages.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

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